Admin Self-Monitoring

From Project Blueberry

We are aware that admin abuse is a common accusation on DayZ and other gaming servers.

We take this very seriously. We know that community members become disillusioned if they think power is being abused.

Here is how we commit to ensuring this does not happen on Project Blueberry:

  • Admins are as accountable as anyone else. If someone submits a ticket about an admin, the others will investigate it and make the results public;
  • Admins cannot use their admin tools on the server during a session they are acting as a player. Admins must either play, with their tools turned off, or admin, which is a ‘work shift’ in which they have nothing to do with their gameplay;
  • Internally, admins log their use of admin powers so that the other admins are aware of what they did and why.

If any admin is in admin mode, they must be wearing this identifying uniform:

Admin drip