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In this section, representatives from groups are encouraged to submit articles about their groups. Groups must have an established presence and history on Project Blueberry to be included here. If your group has existed for less than one month, we would not consider that established unless there are special circumstances.

Contributors must submit complete articles, but can update the articles over time as their group's story evolves.

Articles are to be submitted in the Share Content channel on Discord, after which admins will contact the author and work with them to get a final version posted to the Wiki.

Suggested article sections include:

Overview (write this like a tl;dr, if someone reads only this paragraph, they should walk away with a good summary).

Group PID (description of how to visually identify group members, with photos).

Origin (how and why this group formed).

History (what is the group's history on Project Blueberry, meaning actual in-game story and actions).

Notes (include other tidbits like meaningful relationships to other characters and groups, fun facts, etc).

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