Expanded Guidelines (Groups, Territory, Raiding, etc)

From Project Blueberry

Gameplay on a natural roleplay server brings up many different issues that require guidelines so the community stays happy and engaged. Expect these guidelines to be ever-changing in response to community feedback.


  • If you create a group, ensure members identify themselves on Discord using the [acronym] tag before their nickname;
  • There are no other administrative requirements for groups;
  • Playing as a group gives you more power and influence in-game, and with that comes greater responsibility out-of-game. Groups are expected to police their members and ensure all are aware and following the server Rules and Guidelines;
  • Groups will be held to a higher standard. A solo player accidentally breaking crucial rules will receive more leniency than a group of people breaking rules together;
  • Getting custom armbands or other textures created is as simple as submitting a ticket. Priority will be assigned to groups who are contributing positively to the server and respecting the rules and guidelines.


  • There is no official territory claiming system on Project Blueberry;
  • Anyone can open a ticket and submit their group’s logo and home location, and provided admins can verify a reasonable presence in that place, the logo will be added to the map at the appropriate location;
  • A logo on the map provides no special privileges or rights. Territory can be contested in-game. Borders are as the group establishes with their presence in-game;
  • If multiple claims are submitted for the same town or area, both will be added and the groups will be encouraged to make a story out of the situation.


  • This server is geared towards building and RP, therefore raiding should, like KOS, be rare and motivated by character reasons;
  • Raids should always be planned during prime time hours. If admins see players raiding during deliberately low-population hours (offline raiding), they will intervene. All raids should be planned as a general attack, and result in a raid only when the defending force is defeated or happens to be absent despite the attackers best efforts;
  • If you have any doubt about the acceptability of your raid plans, submit a ticket and admins will provide guidance.


  • Organizing events on a gaming server requires high-degree of organization and time. In order to respect that time and commitment to the community, it is highly discouraged to attack or sabotage events;
  • If you have a serious and unshakable story reason to attack or sabotage an event, it is recommended that you submit a ticket in advance and notify admins. You may be guided in how to accomplish your story goal without ruining the fun of others.

To report rules and guidelines abuse or to clarify if something is server-legal, please submit a ticket: