Rules and Guidelines

From Project Blueberry

Server Rules

  • No hateful / prejudicial language and behavior in-game or on server platforms;
  • No sexual roleplay of any kind;
  • No hacks or deliberate exploiting of DayZ glitches for gameplay advantage. This includes loot cycling, glitching into bases, and glitching walls / gates;
  • No use of out-of-character (OOC) conversations or information to make in-game decisions;
  • No use of alt accounts: one account per player only on the server;
  • Breaking any of these rules can lead to an immediate ban.

Server Guidelines

  • Don’t be a jerk: consider other people’s fun as equal to your own;
  • Match your survivor name in DayZ to your Discord nickname in our server;
  • Create a character with a story, a personality, and goals that drive your roleplay and actions. For example, KOS is allowed but should be for a character-driven reason;
  • Purposeful offline raiding is highly discouraged. Raids should occur during prime time hours and be intended as battles, only resulting in offline raids if the base is found unoccupied;
  • Zerging (traveling in large groups to bully solos or smaller groups) is highly discouraged;
  • Griefing (dismantling player structures for no reason, emptying public storage so items despawn, etc) is highly discouraged;
  • Leave around 60 minutes before discussion in-game events on the Discord;
  • Impacting other people’s fun by ignoring these guidelines could be bannable, and will at the very least result in admin intervention.

To report rules and guidelines abuse or to clarify if something is server-legal, please submit a ticket: