Treasure Mod

From Project Blueberry

The Treasure Mod creates dynamic treasure hunt events that allow players to use clues and map navigation to dig up rare and valuable loot. Treasure hunting replaces most dynamic event spawns on Project Blueberry.

The treasure hunt begins when a player finds a photograph. The player is able to ''Inspect'' the photo, which, in addition to the photo, provides a narrative clue and map coordinates compatible with iZurvive.

Hidden Treasures When you unlock photo, to find this type of treasure you also need Metal Detector (Updated so the exact location of the treasure is in the photo description, i do not believe metal detectors are necessary anymore). When you turn on this detector you need move slowly with pressing Ctrl and also press right mouse button to raise detector. Then you need look to ground and slowly search place, which is described in photo description. Happy hunting! Treasures with Radio Beacon New feature - Radio Beacon Treasures. To find these type of treasure you need radio. Default freq is 94.6 (configurable on server side) Then try to run around to locate direction of treasure. There is one treasure on map, as server admin you can set interval when will be new treasure spawned when old one was digged out (RadioInterval in minutes). When set to -1 Radio Treasures feature will be disabled. Is also possible set RadioRange, default is 30km to be possible catch signal everywhere on map. As server admin you can of course edit this to for example 5km range. Treasures are randomly spawned on map. It avoids building, roads, ponds, sea, stones etc. If you found treasure spawned and not accesible please let me know. This feature should work on every maps.(cherno, livonia, chiemsee...) Everything is logged into log for better troubleshooting. Serveradmins dont forget update types.xml with new entry "RadioBeaconStash". Example is shipped with mod. Loot is randomly selected from config, which is already defined in Treasures.json file. See how it works: I am still working on this feature and know that need improve and optimize.