What Is Project Blueberry?

From Project Blueberry


Project Blueberry is a natural roleplay server.

Natural RP means that it is a gaming environment in which a player can create almost any character imaginable and play that character according to what they would naturally do. The only limits we impose on this freedom are with regard to actions that break the game or ruin the fun of others.

Players should create characters that have personalities and goals. Their in-game decisions should follow some sort of logic.

Players should aim to tell fun post-apocalyptic stories beyond the typical DayZ gameplay loop of gearing up to kill everyone, or hoarding everything in a base and never using it.

Natural RP also means minimal rules and minimal admin intervention. Players who read the rules and guidelines should never have to have an admin intervene in their gameplay.

Players with any doubt about their ideas or plans should ask the community for feedback on Discord, or open a ticket with the admins for more sensitive issues.


Project Blueberry is set 10 years after the outbreak. We are employing the overgrown Chernarus mod to create the feeling that nature is starting to reclaim what humans once ruled. You will find that all preserved food has been looted long ago. Survivors need to be able to fish, hunt, cook, farm, and trade in order to survive. Firearms and ammunition are also rare and valuable. Military convoys, police crashes, and helicopter crashes have been replaced by lore-heavy treasure quests.

The intent here is to make valuable items truly valuable, to make player decisions truly meaningful, and to make things feel like the apocalypse is truly and fully set in.


This server is being built by a group of friends. We do this for fun. We want to foster a positive gaming community where new friends can be made and good memories created. We aim to be accessible and transparent admins. We have very low tolerance for toxicity and negativity, but a high degree of openness to constructive feedback brought in a respectful manner.

Please read our Rules and Guidelines before playing, and explore our Expanded Guidelines for a more in-depth understanding of the server.

Connect to the server:

port 2491

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